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Healthy Leadership

Forging a shared direction: Healthy leaders unite their people around a common goal—one that’s challenging and exciting and inspires individuals to rise to the occasion. But you can only accomplish that if the organization and its stakeholders believe in your authenticity, feel a real connection to you, and trust your leadership.

Unleashing human potential: This means taking steps to encourage your people to work to their full potential. It requires teaching and mentoring and allowing individuals to take risks, as well as recognizing good work or improvement.

Fostering productive relationship: You can’t accomplish anything long lasting without first nurturing connections with others. That involves straight talk, a willingness to trust team members to do their jobs, and showing people respect.

Written by Bob Rosen

This month, we are focusing on our leaders since the health of our ministry begins with them. I’m excited to pour into our leaders and continue to develop them. Their constant desire to grow touches me every time. We are planning to let the leaders take over different parts of the ministry to allow them to grow as well as create a space dedicated to fostering their skills.

We meet with our 6 student leaders (4 junior and 2 seniors) every Thursday. These young ladies are excited to be able to serve in this capacity and focus on things other than what going on at school and at home. 

We plan on having a leadership retreat next month during mid-winter break where our team will do community service projects and learn from workshops. Lastly, during the break, we will also come together and do some team building and bonding activities.


  • Pray that we continue to develop these leader and train them to lead with excellence. 
  • Pray that volunteers will show up and help when needed
  • Pray that we maintain financial stability so that we can continue to offer trainings and activities for our team and students.

On January 29th, some friends and I from different states are offering a special dance class in honor of Black History Month. Anyone can be involved! Read more here or check out the video below. 

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